Joel Osteen House: Things You Should Know


The joel osteen house has been one of the most popular properties that will grab the attention of the people impressively. There are so many people are so curious about his house ever since he becomes a very successful preacher, televangelist, and author. In case you are one of those people, there are actually several things that you should know about Mr. Osteen house that might suit your curiosity. Let’s check them out below.

One of the things that you have to know about the joel osteen house is that it is located in a luxurious suburb called River Oaks in Houston. So, it is actually no wonder if this house can cost him up to $10.5 million. However, the price is so worthy especially if you consider about all the facilities and amenities that this house can offer to its owner, which can be like an outdoor pool, a pool house, a bedroom guest house, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 5 open wood fireplace, 3 elevators, and so many more still. All of them can be the remarkable things that make the house so comfortable to live in. So, perhaps, you can say that it is more a castle instead of a house.

Then, the other thing that you better know about the joel osteen house is that it is quite large as there are only four people live there (Mr. Osteen, his wife, and a couple of children named Jonathan and Alexandra). Simply, it is actually 17,000 square feet and 1.86 acres sheltered by the ornamented fence that looks so beautiful from the front side of the house. Moreover, it also has the large backyard that is surrounded by tall green trees which make the house have the more personalized nuances. Thus, it is clear that it can be one of the fabulous spots to get relaxed and enjoy the time at the house.

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